Chief and Council

Past and Present Chiefs and Council

The first chief for this new reserve was elected in 1916. His name was William Polchies. He remained chief for four years until another man, Andrew Pelkie, was elected chief in 1919. During his reign and that of two others, sixteen families were living on the Woodstock reserve to now having well over 100 homes on the reserve.  We go from the beginning of the Reserve system and Indian Act legislation to

Our current Chief and Council Members:

  • Chief Timothy Paul   –          506-328-3303 ext. 575
  • James W. Paul –
  • William Polchies –                                      ext. 582
  • Andrea Polchies –                                           ext. 419
  • Peggy Wright –                                       ext. 416
  • DeeDee (Sherri) Bartlett –       506-328-1903
  • Derry Fontaine –           506-325-3570  ext 593
  • Joe Tomah –