The Woodstock First Nation (WFN) members are the decendants of the Wulustukwiak (Maliseet) people who traditionally inhabited southwestern New Brunswick along the St. John River all the way down to Kittery, Maine, USA.  The closest town to our community is Woodstock which is located 9 km away, and the closest city is Fredericton which is approximately 100 km east on the Trans Canada Highway.

Initially, Woodstock First Nation consisted of 226.1 acres of land; however a further five parcels of land totalling 166.9 acres were purchased in 1992.  Total current reserve land holding are 426 acres.

The Woodstock First Nation Registered Population as of the 20th of June 2016 is 1005; On-reserve population of 291 and an off-reserve population of 721.  Predominantly, English is spoken; however, among many Elders, the Maliseet language continues to be used and is considered by many to be their Mother tongue.