Child Development


The Woodstock First Nation Child Development Centre is a provincially licensed child care facility for children aged 2-5; 6 -12 years and is inspected annually by the Department of Education & Early Childhood and Health Canada. The Centre has a qualified Director and most full-time staff have diplomas in Early Childhood Education and are members in good standing with their provincial association Early Childhood Care & Education New Brunswick. The first four years of life are the most sensitive periods of brain development and the time in which foundations for cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and language development are solidified.

The Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve Program funds activities that support early intervention strategies to address the learning and developmental needs of young children living in First Nations communities. The goal is to support early child development strategies that are designed and controlled by communities. The Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve initiative is designed to prepare young First Nations children for their school years, by meeting their emotional, social, health, nutritional and psychological needs. Children in the Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve Program gain opportunities to develop self-confidence, a greater desire for learning, and an excellent start in their journey towards becoming successful people.

Parents, guardians and other family members are the most important teachers in a child’s life. The Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve Program knows this and provides support.  It helps parents and other caregivers learn and improve skills that contribute to healthy child development. It also works with families to help strengthen family relationships. This initiative encourages the development of projects that are comprised of the following program components: culture and language, education, health promotion, nutrition, social support and parental involvement.

The program here at the Woodstock First Nation Child Development Center encourages the development of locally controlled projects in First Nation communities that strive to instill a sense of pride and a desire to learn; provide parenting skills and improve family relationships; foster emotional and social development and increase confidence. It is also designed to assist parents enhance their skills which contribute to their child’s healthy development.

Aboriginal Head Start programs provide children with a positive sense of themselves as First Nations children and build knowledge of Maliseet language and culture into the curriculum. We also:

  • Provide opportunities for children and families to enhance their knowledge of culture and language
  • Provide opportunities for Elders and cultural resource people to participate
  • Model First Nations values and beliefs in all aspects of the program

Contact List

Woodstock First Nation Child Development Center

6 Eagles Nest Drive, Woodstock First Nation, NB E7M 4J3

506-328-4332 (Phone)

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Lisa Sappier AHSOR 328-4332
 Bev Sappier  K3 Educator 328-4332
Deidra Kennedy K4 Educator 328-4332
Angela Marston Day Care Educator 328-4332
Jessica Paul Day Care Support Worker 328-4332
Anatasha Lyons Maliseet Educator 328-4332
Mandy Ball Cook 328-4332
Brooke Ketch Casual  (Classroom Support Worker) 328-4332
 Victoria Polchies  K3 Classroom Assistant  328-4332
Samantha  Paul, Director Child & Family Services Social Worker 324-6240 (Office)
Bonnie Polchies Program Director  

324-6251 (office)

328-9954 (Fax)