Woodstock First Nation has a housing program that adheres to all Federal and Provincial standards.  We have a draft housing policy that was developed with the assistance of community members who volunteered to work with a staff/community member..



Housing allocations will be considered using the following points system:

(Please note that applicants can only score once in each category)



Duration on Waiting List                                    

Waiting 1 to 4 years                                                                                    10

Waiting 5 to 10 years                                                                                 12

Waiting 10 to 14 years                                                                               20

Waiting 15-20 years                                                                                    25

Waiting 21 years or more                                                                         36



Household Type

Two parent family with children under 18 in residence              26

Single parent with children under 18 in residence                       25

Elder                                                                                                                 12

Elder, adult child/grandchild under 18 in residence                   23

Couple with dependent Elder                                                              15

Couple with no children under 18 in residence                            10

Single with no children under 18 in residence                              05


Disabled or special health needs


Child with Disability                                                                                25

Adult with Disability                                                                                23

Adult and minor Child with Disabilities                                          26

Elder (with medical status)                                                                  12


Household Size

Overcrowded                                                                                             20

Willingness to trade                                                                                10

Willingness to downsize                                                                        10


House Condition of Current Residence

Not inhabitable (not due to neglect)                                               26

Number of Consecutive Years of Residency in Woodstock First Nation

Not residing on reserve                                                                          05

Living in WFN 1 to 4 years                                                                      10

Living in WFN 5 to 10 years                                                                    15

Living in WFN 10 to 14 years                                                                  20

Living in WFN 15-20 years                                                                       25

Living in WFN 21 years or more                                                            30


Household Income

Unemployed/on social assistance                                                      13

Elders/Fixed Income/Disability                                                            15



Does not have a house and is boarding or transient                   25



5.9       Overcrowding


The following standards will be used as a measure of the suitable number of residents in a house.


  1. One (1) bedroom for each non-married adult or couple.
  2. One (1) bedroom for children 16 years of age or older.
  3. One (1) bedroom for 2 children of the same sex up to 16 years of age.
  4. One (1) bedroom for 2 children of opposite sex up to 5 years of age.


If the ratio of people to bedrooms exceeds the above standards, the house will be considered overcrowded.