Woodstock First Nation Health Centre

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TELEPHONE NUMBER: 506-325-3570

KAREN PAUL / HEALTH DIRECTOR                                                                          593

AMANDA MCINTOSH/ EXEC. HEALTH ASSISTANT/FNIHB                              585


MEGHAN JACKSON /COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE                                         575

HOLLY POLCHIES/ LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE/COHI                               589

LUC BOURGEOIS/ LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE                                             589

CHRIS POLCHIES/DRUG AND ALCOHOL WORKER                                           581

TANYA ANDERSON/ MATERNAL CHILD HEALTH                                       324-6251

DENTAL THERAPIST                                                                                             325-3215

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICER                                                             325-3205


Blood Draws

 Blood draws at the Health Centre have always been on Thursdays from 9am-10am sharp (no pun intended) and will remain as such.  The only difference now is that when the Health Centre is closed that day, there will be no clinic.

If your blood tests cannot wait until the following week, you will have to call your Doctor’s office and have your blood drawn at the hospital.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is too difficult for me to coordinate a clinic alone at the Health Centre.

To have your blood drawn at the Health Centre or at your home on the reserve, have your Doctor’s office fax your requisition to the Health Centre (325-2972) and I will call to confirm your appointment.  Please make sure your correct phone number is on file at your Doctor’s office since on several occasions I’ve been unable to contact people due to a wrong or disconnected number on file.

Walk-ins are always welcomed during the clinic, just make sure to fast if required and to bring your blood draw requisition with you.